Buying prips flux in Kuala Lumpur

Dear All,

Living overseas means I am still hunting for the chemicals to make
my own prips but I would be very very happy to have the address and
e-mail contact number to buy some commercially.

Also I am still hoping to get an address for buying silver and gold
beads in Bali…help!

Thanks for any help in advance.
Sharron in rainy but hot Kuala Lumpur

They sell pripps and most everything else you might need at, go for it.


Hi Sharon

I lived on the east coast of Malaysia for a while. I used to buy my
jewellery supplies on short holidays in Malacca.

There were two jewellers suppliers close to each other on the same

Can’t remember the name of the stores and I can’t remember the name
of the street! So maybe I am not much help, but a visit to Malacca
can be lots of fun, whether you find the jewellers supply store or

Good Luck

Milt Fischbein - Jewellery Artist

Thanks Milt,

I have been to Malacca once but didn’t think of looking for a
jewelry supply shop, let alone two! But its a good excuse to go down
there for the weekend :>)

Best regards,