Buying At Gemshows

All, To all going to attend the major gemshows this year please
take a minute to consider how you would like to make your major
transactions. Large money transactions are becoming
increasingly chancy for show dealers. Credit card companies are
enforcing stricter controls on the daily amount and monthly
amounts dealers can process in sales. Unless you are a large
volume dealer at many shows credit cards will not allow you to
process large sums. Generally sums over $1,000 will pose
problems in processing. Company and personal checks are very
chancy for a dealer to accept. Most dealers have a policy that
on a large purchase they will hold the goods until the checks
clears. The dealer will pay the shipping and insurance costs. A
better way is for the purchaser to carry a major variety of
travelers checks. Usually with proper identification the
transaction should be easy. Be advised that even travelers
checks have been forged and some dealers will be skeptical on
large deals. The best and safest way is to go to the bank and
complete an electronic funds transfer. Getting to know your
dealers and customers is the best way. I am looking foreword
to meeting many of you this year at the Dell Show in the
Scottish Rites Center. Come on over and say Hi.

Gerry Galarneau

gerry - we’ve have never had any problems with using a credit
card at wholesale gem & supply shows. the only time a bank
didn’t honor a charge immediately was with a new seller for
almost $5000, they asked the seller to have us call the bank -
the bank wanted to make certain our card hadn’t been stolen. we
did & it was cleared up right away. taking cash when others know
you go to such shows is hazardous.BUT what is really hazardous
is not paying the cards off every month if you use them for
business. try contacting your card offices to tell them you’re
going to be using them for more than average purchases - perhaps
that will help. another hint: if you have a car without a trunk,
put some boxes in the back with routine stuff fluffed up &
hanging out of them when you park it. at the show leave anything
bulky at the booth where you buy it (remember these sellers are
bonded). when you’re through buying go get your hand cart, park
the car at the nearest door, ask the security person to keep an
eye while you truck everything to the car & into those boxes -
then stuff the stuff back on top. hey, it works for us. unless
your partner happens to buy 17 boxes of fossils & 8 boxes of big
spheres. he’s lucky there weren’t enough boxes left over in
which to distribute his remains! good luck - ive

Hi All,

I am leaving for Tucson this evening , I am soory to say you
will not be able to reach me over E-mail till mid February , Any
one wanting to meet me can come to the Tucson Booth at 26
gemstone Row at the G.L.D.A. or at the Orchid party at the
G.L.D.A. on the 5th

thanks see you there !
Ahmed Shareek

Some shows that I attend it is a practice of the entire show not to
accept ANY credit cards… cash… sometimes, depending onthe
dealer… check… for new people at a show … it is difficult…