Buying an ionic cleaner

Hi Lin,

My ionic loosens the tarnish, as I remove the piece from the
speedbrite I wipe the piece with a soft cloth, taking off the
loosened tarnish. The only thing left to do is shine it with a
sunshine cloth. Very tarnished pieces take more than one cycle in the
cleaner. There is little elbow grease used. The speedbrite does
nothing for zam or rouge. In the absence of an ultrasound use a soft
toothbrush and detergent.

in Cedarville where half the pay is a view of the bay.

Hello. I posted a message about my love affair with my SppedBrite
machine which I’ve had since May '98.

My Speedbrite, sits next to my ultrasonic which is next to my sink
and steamer. All of these are about 4 feet away from my polishing
machine. You need the right tools for the job. Speedbrite is
designed to remove oxidation, tarnish whatever but not xmas cookies
or gravy. That’s what the ultrasonic is for. If your item is dull
after cleaning, I’d try polishing it. I must say though, it would
seem to me that some of this haze you’re seeing is from the harsh
chemicals you’re using. Get the Speedbrite. You’ll love it. Trust

Stanley Bright
A&M Jewelers

I own a silver jewelry store, (i.e., 95% silver, 5% gold).

For those of you who desire a quick, easy, inexpensive, efffective
way to clean the tarnish off of silver, I absolutely recommend buying
the largest unit sold by SPEEDBRITE / SPEEDBRIGHT (sp?).

Quit wasting your time hemming and hawing, researching other
machines, etc.! Place the order, spend the money, and you’ll be
another happy SPEEDBRITE customer!


(of course no interest in the company, just a very satisfied
customer, plus they seem like real nice folks over the phone!)