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Buyer of break out diamond

A few months ago I received a mailing from Palak Diam, Inc of Los
Angeles, CA - buyers of all types of diamonds, 1/2 pt to 10 carat
stones, any quality, no minimum. Supposedly in business since 1935.

Is there anyone here who has had experience with this company or who
could recommend another such company they feel is trustworthy?

Would appreciate hearing of others’ experiences or suggestions.


Pam Chott

“Palak Diam, Inc. is located at 550 S Hill St Ste 880 Los Angeles,
CA 90013. The officers include Ankur Savani. Palak Diam, Inc. was
incorporated on Thursday, July 21, 2005 in the State of CA and is
currently active. Ankur Savani represents Palak Diam, Inc. as their
registered agent. Source: Public Record data - Department of State -
Division of Corporations”

How can a corporation have been in business since 1935, if it was
only incorporated in 2005? Perhaps the owner of the corporation has
been in business since 1935, but the corporation is less than six
years old.