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Buy a drawbench or make one

if you want to buy a very good quality set of drawthongs this are the best i have found on the market now , made in germany and ottofrei sells them this are the ones i use on the big drawbench i have if i want to draw very heavy wire i use this ,they are very well made and are made with tool heat treated steel they are very hard should last a life time and more

Hey Rob,
I think it was Sherlock Holmes (not Watson) who said, “I never get your limits, Watson.” It seems that years of crafting have led you to be rather adventurous and fearless as far as innovation is concerned. I can just see you heading downstairs with a twinkle in your eye, sayimg, “Now let’s see, what can I try today?” I am far more timid and need a push to try anything…

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More likely it is: “What can I screw up today?”. Thanks…Rob