Butane/Propate mixture in mini torch

I’ve recently moved to Ecuador and was only able to bring along a few
tools with me - including an inexpensive creme brulee type of torch
that uses butane. Unfortunately, so far, I have only been able to
find a mix of propane and butane - does anyone know if this
combination of propane and butane will work? Or is there a
possibility that it will burn too hot and melt the torch or create a

Thank you.

a tobacco store should sell butane without propane for refilling
lighters ( cigar lighters). It is also available in hardware stores
and walmarts ( they are international)… I think that a mixture of
propane and butane ( which i have never seen in over 35 years of
using butane cannisters from all sorts of manufacturers from many
countries, would be very dangerous in a torch designed exclusively
for filtered butane. Although you may have to pay additional
hazardous materials costs ordering a case of butane cans- once you
have checked all the possible sources in your locale may be the way
to go- one charge is ( average) $32.00 for UPS global delivery no
matter if you order one or a case of “x”…so maximize the inescapable
charge- or geta torch that uses natural gas and room air, or
Oxy/fuel, like a hoke torch for instance- in the long run you can do
all the operations you can with a butane torch and more like melting
scrap for reclaiming your stock ( as long as you choose acetylene/O2
propane and O2 will only melt small amounts of silver readily- and
disposable cannisters of O2 are quite expensive since you will need
3:1 O2 to gas.natural gas lines can be run by a plumber into your
torch set up making it relatively safe, and far cheaper than even
rental tanks of fuel gasses… Bottom line is that I’m betting you
haven’t looked in enough places to find canned butane in your
area…your local hardware would be the first place to try after the