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Busted flex shaft

I dropped my flex shaft and of course it landed on the on/off switch (please don’t ask, I’m too embarrassed as it is…).
It’s an older model CC Foredom. I’ve looked through the archives and searched the manuals with no luck. I do plan on calling Foredom on Monday, but in the mean time, is this something that can be fixed?

The switch is wiggly and is staying on, I’ve used it for a few seconds and there’s a burning oil/plastic smell (can’t be good.)
Any thoughts?

Without seeing it I would not make any recommendation save the call Monday morning.

As an aside, you might be on the lookout for a 2nd flex shaft just for situations like this. We always have at least one extra floating about….

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In total agreement in having an extra motor. I always have two Reciprocating hammers within “arms-reach” and two micro-motors “all hooked & ready to be used”.

Even when I’m doing wax-work I have a mini-back-up… just incase of one failing on me.

Gerry, on my iPhone

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Thank you. I do plan on acquiring another one soon. Slowing building up my arsenal.

Thank you Gerry. One day I’ll have the room to have all my toys withing arms reach!