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Businesses are not suffering equally

Andrea Hill said: ‘Businesses are not suffering equally. Those that
cut marketing are suffering most. Go find those shrinking consumer
dollars! Market & sell.’

Andrea Hill,
Hill Management Consulting. (

Take Andrea’s advice and make sure your it’s not your business that
suffer the most…

Let us help your marketing efforts in today’s rough economy!

Now you can reach the members of the Ganoksin Project and educate
them about the wonderful array of supplies you have to offer!

Ganoksin represents a specific niche market of more than 300,000 gem
and jewelry related professionals who visit Ganoksin regularly in
search of technical solutions, materials, tools, services and

Please request a copy of the Ganoksin Media Kit if you would like
more indepth regarding Ganoksin’s advertising services.

For more please contact:

Virginia Lee Vivier
Ganoksin Online Advertising Consultant
Tel: 1-520-616-8683