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Hi all, this is a forward from an answer Wendy Rosen gave on the
jewelry design list. she can be reached at:

The Rosen Group has internship positions for students and recent
grads during the week of July 24-28 in Philadelphia. You’ll get a
chance to meet professional jewelers and work one-on-one with
gallery owners and shop buyers. The experience includes $10 per
hour if you are assisting a jeweler who is paying you to help them
set up their booth and sell their work!

In addition, we have scholarships available for students and
recent grads who would like to attend the CRAFT BUSINESS INSTITUTE
this September in Baltimore. Full and partial sc holarships are
available. (Some even include your hotel!)

I often speak to student groups about selling work to shops and
galleries… Tyler has never extended the invite… I’ll speak to
Maryland Institute Jewelry students next month… you could come
down if you wish. I’m available for one-on-one consulting… the
fee is “lunch” you bring it or pick the place (I can’t eat
bread… so no pizzas or sandwiches) … it’s a good way to figure
out how to prioritize your efforts…

Mentor Program- We’ll match you up with a professional jeweler or
a store owner that can help direct you along the business path…
no charge!

There might be some Philly area jewelers or gallery owners who
might have parttime jobs available… call our office for more
info on all of these possibilities. Talk to Linda McCormick (I’ll
be out most of next week)

Best Wishes,

Wendy Rosen

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I live in Annapolis, I don’y want your money at all and this is
good because I have RSD (second stage of which there are three.).
I am wealthy in wisdom and otherwise I do want to give an a new
Estate worthy piece to my wife - I have the Plat, can get loose
diamonds readily and palladium. I want the bands to be as I see
them and the engagement ring as she dreams of in childhood.
Please Tell me of yourself and the exhibit as I must like who
creates these things.

Be happy, no one goes to heaven but by Nirvana (the blowing
out). Too weird be honest. RS