Business tips for jewelers

Hi All,

I just spent the afternoon at a SCORE (Service Core of Retired
Executives) taking a Writing a Business Plan Workshop. It cost $30,
and was taught by 2 bankers and the marketing manager of a bank. It
was fantastic! I wish I had done this twenty years ago. I’ll be
taking all the classes they have to offer, including a variety of
marketing workshops, and following up by doing all the homework they
recommend. SCORE also offers free, one-on-one counselling with
business professionals. also check out for
more free

I’ve just read all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books- Blink; The Tipping
Point and The Outliers. They were quite goood and had me looking at
opportunities and situations in a new light.

Marlene Richey will be here, May 8 & 9, teaching her hands-on
Creative Marketing Workshop- I’ve taken it 4 times, and I’m eager to
take it again, as I learn something new each time. Marlene wrote an
excellent book Profit by Design.

With the economic uncertainty, it sure feels good to be exploring
new ways to help my business! (And making the best of all these
opportunities sure beats waiting and worrying.)

So, what business or marketing books do you all recommend? Are there
any business developement websites or workshops that you find

Thanks in advance for your input.

Have a great day!
-Kate Wolf in Portland, Maine hosting wicked good workshops by the bay.