Business Plan for a small working studio

Hi Everyone:

I am currently working on a business plan for a small working studio
space in the downtown area. My plan is to formulate a workable
business plan (including financing options and inventory specifics)
and have everything ready to go as soon as a space becomes available.

I would like to have about 1000-1500 square feet of space where I
can set up my work area and my display cases. I plan to do shows as
well. This will require pulling some inventory out at different times
of the year. I would like to carry the work of a few other artists as
well. (maybe 5). Stylish items in silver (mainly) that are
appropriate for everyday, versatile wear. There are many affluent,
working women in the area, but there are also many, many stay-at-home
women who enjoy affordable, stylish pieces. I also would like to
carry a modest amount of wearables.

For myself, I have a degree in accounting and retail experience (in
that I was a partner in a local bead store). I have been making and
selling bead woven jewelry for about 4 years. I have recently
started taking classes and teaching myself to work with silver and
gold. I am in the process of setting up a work space over the garage.
I have joined a local group that puts together an “Open Studio
Weekend” at holiday time and will have my first open studio in

Now for the question. I would like to hear input from people who are
in the same type of situation I would like to go into. If there is
anyone who has their own space or knows someone with their own space
and is doing well, I would love to talk to you. I know what I want to
do, but i would like the opportunity to learn from those who are
already doing it. On or off-list is fine.

Any and all input is appreciated, positive or negative, and examples
of my work can be seen on the Ganoksin gallery page under Kimberly

Kim Starbard