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[Business] How was your season?

To All,

Since you are from all points, I’m curious to know how your season
was this year (what with the election and the stock market). Down
here in South Florida the snowbirds are going back up North and it
will be a few months until the manufacturers start to gear up. So,
this is the slow time of year. So, when you answer could you please
identify your city and state. I’m curious as to whether or not this
slow season this year is the same across the country.

Esti & Victor
Western Points, Inc
Boca Raton, FL

I only did two shows this winter, one in Coconut Grove and the other
was the ACC Baltimore. I heard a lot of folks saying that Baltimore
wasn’t nearly as good as last year. I did okay but not what I had
expected to do. Coconut Grove was also okay but not fabulous. It
was my first time at both of these shows.

Deb- Rockford, Illinois

Hi Deb… how was the setup at CocoaNut Grove?.. did you have shade-
other than your tent etc?.. was it well laid out in terms of vendor
locations and food-etc (I can always count on people stopping by to
ask directions to food etc during a street fair where its hard to get
an overview) I just came off The Mulberry Street Festival in Macon GA
that is part of the Cherry Blossom Fest they have. People come from
all over the world to see the flowering cherry trees (they are pretty
spectacular!)Very Good Crowds!!! Revenue was good… sharp division in
customers from Sat to Sun… people in different market range. Vendors
are setup either against the Heavily landscaped-treed Median or
against city Wide (12’) sidewalks. There are some questionable vendors
(resellers) but the organizers do try to keep them out. I would not
recommend doing this show alone just because of the numbers of people
that are going to come by-in your booth. This is my 4th yr… and I
will probably do it again next yr. From this yr to lastseason?.. I
have expanded my lines (been working like a bee) worked on better
displays etc… I think it is paying off. I will be doing Inman Park
in Atla at the end of this monthfor the 5th yr in a row (I love!! this
festival!!!) It is in conjunction with a Tour of Historic Homes…
very laid back, good people all around from organizers to participants
to customers. You will see innovative as well as traditional crafts
here - nothing is out-of-bounds. Resellers are separated from
Crafters-Artist but in such a way that neither is given short stick.
Reasonable entry fees- do not be deceived by late entry deadlines–
this one is worth it!! Not to mention of one of the best parades
going. (see