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Business after Sept 11th

In plain English it can only get better.

We have been in a Slowdown before Sept 11th our figures were 25% off.
At this present time we are about 50% off but we have some other
factors such as Rosha Shaana the Jewish New Year and Yomkipur. Most
of our customers manufacturing jewelers on 46th-47th St Jewellery
District are upbeat and predict that market will be good but a bit
delayed. We will have a good Thanks giving, Christmas & New York. We
predict that 2002 will be a turning point for the Economy.

God Bless America. From New York Kenneth Singh

Hi, As far as business goes before Sept 11th I was very busy with
sales (up 25% over same period last year) and had a large amount of
quotes go out for rough as well as cut stones. When Sept 11 came
everything stopped. To date their has been little or no interest at
all. The people I provided quotes to no longer wanted to carry the
inventory and the sales on the Internet went flat. I just hope it
gets back on track and people start purchasing again.

Good Luck to all,
Sri Lanka Gems USA