Hi all

I;ve always wondered what the more unusual burrs are used for. The
common ball, cup, krause, setting, hart and flame are familiar to me,
but the cone, wheel, and others I am unsure of.


hi Allan, although I am a diamond setter, I am in constant contact
with wax-carvers.a.k.a. wax designers. They are the ones who are using
continually, these different kinds of burr shapes. Cones, wheels, are
always used in creating the most intricate shapes instead of using
files. As a setter, I usually devise my own burrs by experimenting
with the given shapes. Such as grinding off the ends of round burrs
for grooving a seat for bezels. Or extra large cup burrs,( 032-050)
for real small full bezels for genuine stones. So basically every burr
will have a different end use for which it was originally planned
for,eh? …Allan, experiment and improvise, and enjoy!..gerry, the