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Burnt Diamond

Does anyone know if a burnt diamond (fogged up) can be cleaned or treated
to clear it up?

the only way I know to repair a burned diamond is to have it repolished by
a diamond cutter. The surface has actually changed, like a piece of wood
burning, it has to be sanded… The good part is, the diamond probably
won’t lose any discernable weight, the bad part is, it’ll probably cost
you at least $80/ct. (or more)

Now here’s a trick I’ve seen some bench hands do with melle, and I don’t
suggest it works, but I’ve actually seen it work and I can’t explain why.
Coat the melle with boric acid and get it real hot, then throw it into the
pickle. Do this over and over until the burned surface is gone. Yeah I
know it doesn’t work, but I’ve actually seen it work. Go figure.

Jeffrey Everett

Burnt diamonds can be re-polished if burning is the only problem. If the
"fogging" is “more than skin deep” you may have a diamond that was
fracture filled and then heated, causing the filling to ooze out, leaving a
feather that was not seen before heating. If that is the case, the diamond
may also be refilled to return it to a clear appearance.

Hope this helps.

Sharon Ziemek

Does anyone know if a burnt diamond (fogged up) can be cleaned or treated
to clear it up?

If it’s large enough, it can be recut. Usually $100-150. Call your diamond

Bruce D. Holmgrain
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a burnt diamond can be acid etched in some cases and as a last
resort it can be recut or repolished if the diamond is big enough
to make it worth while RED

Hi, Burnt diamonds can be restored to their original brilliance by getting
them recut by a diamond cutter. Wholesale cost is usually $75-100 per
original carat weight. Email me for a name if you are interested: