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Burnout Oven that will run on a 115v 15amp circut

I would like to get into investment casting but the kilns I have been looking at all require 120v 20amp and are 1800w I believe.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a burnout kiln option that will run on a 115v 15amp circuit? I’m located in Surrey, BC, Canada so a Canadian supplier might be my most economical option if available.
Any suggestions appreciated.
Laura D

Have you considered a kiln that runs off propane?

I didn’t know there are ones that run off propane. Thanks, I’ll look into that are my casting bench is set up outside so a propane one would work out great.

I had the same problem you are experiencing in my old workshop. I considered going to a propane kiln (that would be inside) but had so many issues with the local inspectors here that I just abandoned the idea. Wish I could give you more, but I didn’t get farther than that. You might want to search the archives here for more info - it’s a topic that has surfaced a few times. Let us know how it works out.

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PMCsupplies has a small one at 1500W 115V.

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For 45 years I have used kilns for burnout that ran on 120 volt, and less than 15 amps.
In Canada check with Lacy West (nearer to you) and Transcontinental in Toronto.

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