Burnout kilns

Hi guys , I have a question on burnout kilns , I have been given a
small shell which has lots of little spikes at odd angles and is very
fragile . I would love to cast it in silver and wondered if I could
invest it , then burn the shell out ? A friend suggested etching the
shell out with acid , any ideas on whether that would work or any
other suggestions ? Thanks for any help you can give . Best wishes
from sunny Nelson , NewZealand , Philip Wells

To Philip Wells How about trying electroforming for this kind of
project? Basically it’s a heavy silverplating, but you would need to
paint the surface with conductive lacquer, otherwise the metal wont
stick. Best wishes Lone L=F8vschal

Sorry, but I am afraid you cannot invest it. The thing you put in
the investment should not leave any ashes after the burnout cycle. If
I were you, I would take a silicone (or any cold cure composition)
mold of the shell and inject it after with wax like any reproduction.
I am french spealing… so… maybe you will understand what I

D. H. Michaud,

Shells can be dissolved with bleach. Why not take an impression with
alginate or similar, then you will still have the shell and a mould
for waxes too., Christine