Burnout furnaces for large operation

I though I would ask my fellow orchidians if they have any idea who
could supply the following:

This is what we need :

(1) Smelting and Assaying Laboratory: Installation of furnaces with
capacity of smelting minimum 180kg of gold and setting up an assay
laboratory. The laboratory should be attached to the smelting room.

(2) The Gold Refinery: Minimum capacity of 200kg using electrolysis
has to be designed to suit the needs, and it has to be approved by
the Environmental Protection Agency.

Output of refined gold should be 995, 999 and 9999.

First things first. looking for furnaces that will handle natural
gas with methane.

Any ideas of American company that might be able to supply this

Thanks in advance
Russ Hyder
The Jewelry CAD Institute