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Burnout Furnace Controller from a PC

I have a Kerr model 666 manually controlled burnout furnace. I have
learned from Orchid that to optimize results one must pay close
attention to the various stages of the burnout process. My burnout
routine is inconsistent mainly because I get distracted.

I am aware that there are controllers available commercially.

I have a Pentium p 90 computer excess to my computing needs. Is
there a source for software, thermocouples and device control cards
that will enable a pc to control the burnout furnace?


Hi Ben,

Yes there are cards available and software. They are not cheap and
run about as much as one of the already made oven controllers on the
market. In addition to the card and software a solid state relay
will be needed and the thermocouple on the oven will work unless you
want a new one in which case any type ‘K’ thermocouple will work.

Another option is a DIN panel mount process controller which can be
mounted in you oven and programmed for many stages and ramps. The
Din controllers are much less expensive than the first two options.

If you want further info on any of these let me know.

You can contact me at the email address above or calling toll free
1-877-262-2185. Ask for Ken at MPG Repair. We sell and repair the
tools jewelers use.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair

Ben, I have located a temperature controller that I believe has 8
programmable temperature ramp/hold cycles that I am planning on
using to control my burnout oven. I have priced several similar
controllers sold by various kiln suppliers and the cost was way over
my budget. This unit sells for approx. $125 plus the cost of a
thermocouple for the temperature range you would require. This might
be as economical as trying to adapt your PC. The web address is

I spoke with Bob (last name unknown) He was very happy to discuss my
particular needs. He will need to know the rating of your oven
(voltage and current).

Good luck

Ben; Short answer is yes. I’ll go back and look up the details of
one that I did as project and for the fun of it and send them to
you. It requires a fair bit of electronic knowledge and the ability
to write a C++ program. Not much need for computer capacity. An
old 496 that I bought for $25 was great for the one I did Bottom line
is I use a Paragon commercial controller. Tom

Howdy Everyone,

I computerized my oven with a controller manufactured by:

LOVE Controls Division, Dwyer Instruments, Inc. Michigan City,
Indiana telephone 219-879-8868

I bought their: “1600 series Microprocessor based
temperature/process control with fuzzy logic option” Whatever all
that means.

It has allowed me to program in - ramps (amount of time to reach
temperature) high temps, & soak times (amount of time at specified

I only use the above features, but it has many many more.

It cost me about $200 from a Denver dealer including a heavy duty
relay (mercury relay?) able to withstand repeated on-off cycling
necessary for the control of the oven. Using a plastic electrical
box purchased at Home Depot for the relay and microprocessor
housing, I wired it up myself. With a few pointers from the dealer
who sold it to me, it was a “piece of cake” job, came out looking
and working great.

It turned my $150 oven into a $1000+ automated unit.

Now I can set the controller, flip the oven on, walk away, and
return to find all my tanzanites a perfect blue without spending all
day watching the temp dial. I love it!

Steve Green / Rough and Ready Gems Briolettes: 4mm to 30mm
in length, precision ultrasonic drilling

This is the way to go. I went from the microprocessor up and it
took a LOT of work. Can’t beat $200. Would transfer to other kilns
too. Use it for stone heat treating, steel, burnout, lamination.