Burnishing compound

I am new at this but not at Jewelry making. My name is John Polo
and have been doing jewelry for about 20 yrs. I tumble a lot of my
finished pieces and have been using a burnishing compound, which I
am nearly out of . I wonder if three is anyone out there that has
formulas for making a good burnishing compound. I would be ever
so grateful to receive any and all Hope that someone
can help!!! Hope I am on the wave length so that this gets to
the right spot. Thanks everyone. JOHN P.

Hello JOHN P.

I've been tumbling my things since 1992 or -93; that is: only

about 3 hours for each tumbling (ho-ho). I use a Lortone barrel
tumbler, a mix of shots and started with expensive burnishing
soaps. An old jeweller learned me the trick to use a fat, rich
liquid soap, about a spoonfull for each tumbling, and topped up
with normal tap water. If I can empty the barrel immediately
after tumbling, I add about a teaspoonfull of ammonium hydroxide
(NH4OH). It works very well for me.

Niels, from springtime Denmark