Burned Oil patina on silver?

Can someone tell me hiow to do or what is a 'burned oil patina
on silver. I saw it in a book and loved it. Help! Thanks from
hot Saigon, Sharron

This patina is usually motor oil that is put on the silver peice
and heated untill the motor oil burns. I think it smells
horrible, but if that is the patina you would like I’m sure you
will be able to live with the smell. Make sure you seal this
patina with wax or something else. Amanda

Actually it’s a very simple patina for silver, copper, brass,
bronze, steel, iron, and alloys in between. Heat the metal then
spray, pour, or brush oil, paraffin (any oil based substance can
work to differing effect), then heat more. CAUTION!! this is a
flammable, smelly operation use extreme caution, outdoors or
with ventilation. Be carefull but experiment. Peanut Oil is
excellent for shades of brown, WD-40 can work I forget what color
range, paraffin is brown to black. more layers and repeating oil
and or heat intensifies usually. Pickling removes in time.
Johnson’s Paste Wax give a dark deep finish to iron or steel. On
iron or steel it give exterior rust resistance. Personal
experimentation is the only way to really know! have fun! efw