Burgess badge pins

Help! I have researched diligently for a year or more and have been
unable to locate a source for large Burgess pins that are used to
secure law enforcement badges to uniforms. The large makers likely
manufacture theirs in-house. The pin & catch pieces I have been
are all too light weight for something as heavy as a brass shield.

The pins I require measure roughly 2" in length and are made of at
least 13 gauge wire.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Gary W. Rowe
Houston Badge & Emblem Co.
P O Box 2611
Odessa, TX 79760-2611
915 967 0942
915 363 6670 (fax)

Hi Gary, My other company is a badge manufacturing business . we make
finished badges in house. our site is www.badgesofamerica.com you
can contact my partner , Robert Hunter at 401-270-1196 or visit the
website and senbd us an email. We do custom badges, Production badge,
engraving , hard fired enamelling and a host of other operations We
may have the pin you are looking for. Best Wishes, Daniel Grandi
Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc. Badgesofamerica.com