Building frame for Jet hydraulic jack

I have a Jet brand, 22.5 lb hydraulic jack. And I’d like to build a
frame for it. [unless I find an economical, compact option for one.]
I have Susan Kingsley’s great book which gives some details about how
to construct one. I’m trying to doing this work in a small area and
so I appreciate the size and I also appreciate being able to
deconstruct the frame as it will make it easier for me to carry. But
I would like more The local scrap yard has some sheet,
not quite 1" thick with holes already drilled into the corners that I
might be able to use instead of buying new steel. But I want to build
a safe tool so I need a bit of engineering advice. Can anyone
recommend some more literature on the topic? I appreciate any advise.
And I enjoy learning from everyone :>}