Building a kiln

I would like to build a gas kiln for burnout and enameling. I suppose
the best way would be to use steel sheet and weld it. Then use
firebrick to line it. I would be very grateful for any ideas on how
to tackle this project. If anyone has any plans that would be even

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For a burout kiln the inverted clay pot over a gasburner will work
fine. I saw a picture in one of the UK enameling books of a gas
fired enameling kiln . Made in the UK. It was a muffle kiln where
the fire did not enter the chamber. I havn’t seen anything like
this in the US certainly not in recent times. Jesse

Richard, This is off the subject regarding building a kiln, but has
more to do with using a dual enameling-burnout kiln. I don’t
recommend it. I do not cast, but I believe that burnout contaminates
the kiln and those pesky enamels are sensitive with who they spend
their time with. Just a thought.

Linda Crawford
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Everything I have read on the subject strongly discourages using an
enameling kiln for any other purpose- the high degree off cleanliness
required for fine enameling means that carbon, hydrocarbons, and
other residue left in a burnout process could contaminate your
enamels and cause all kinds of trouble. So maybe you’ll be building
TWO kilns? LOL. Mike

I would like to build a gas kiln for burnout and enameling.  .....

I have similar ambitions. One idea for the kiln or hearth liner is
to use lava rock or ceramic briquettes as sold for propane BBQ units.
These are real cheap compared to firebrick. Does anyone have an
opinion or experience in this and what kind of cement can one use to
hold the lava rock or ceramic briquettes in place?

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Perhaps you could build a gas fired kiln with two side-by-side
chambers, then use two burners, also side by side hooked up to
seperate control valves. I wouldn’t think you’d want to use two
pyrometers/thermocouples though, because of the expense. Perhaps the
thermocouple (if you used one) could be made to slide out of one and
into the other. Take a look at, the blacksmithing site
for some info on building gas forges, perhaps this would help.
Mayber there are some ceramicists out there who might know of sites
with kiln plans. Good luck.