Building a jewelers bench and wooden earring holders

Hay everyone: I want to have a friend of mine build me a jewelers
bench. Any advise on the simplest but most efficient bench that might
be built. Any design suggestions and blue prints that might be
available. Additionally, he can build some rotating wooden earring
holders and I would love some design suggestions on these as well. If
anyone has some inexpensive earring holders that are elegant I would
like to know about those as well. Thank you for your help, Bjeweled

Status: O
X-UID: 2

You might look at Orchids bench exchange for ideas. Lots of photo’s
of a wide variety of benches.



I remember an older forum post about the same subject, including
photos. Try to search in the website.

I remember that was a link to a website with an step by step.

If in any case you can’t get the info, send me an email and I will
give you my bench dimensions that was made more then 20 years ago
we just change from time to time the formica surface.

from Brasil,