Build your own booth walls

I’m getting ready for a inside juried show and wounder if anyone has
ever built inexpensive booth wall? Propanels are just alittle too
expensive for just one show. Any help?

Do you have a booth set up as in ezup or even poles which you put
together with connectors. If so, you could use meshlike panels from
Walmart (not very expensive) hang them from long bunjee cords

What I use is standard grid that can be bought in any fixtures store,
I bought mine that measure 2 feet by 7 feet, you want to be sure they
are 7 feet tall, I use an easy up tent and this height gives the tent
the support and weight that it needs even in pretty heavy wind. The
tents measure 10 x 10 feet, so I use 4 panels on each wall, I also
have attached to the wall masonite boards that are approx 4 feet tall,
I use velcro dots to attach my jewelry cards to the boards, it works
great, my jewelry stays were I put it, and I make sure that I always
have my walls full, it is very easy to see if something is missing,
and cuts down on shoplifting.

Also the grid will accept a huge amount of items, like brackets for
shelves, pegs, and signs, plus much more…it is a very good setup. My
panels cost me a whopping 18.00 each, used, New they are 30.00

Hope this helps