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Build a 30$ jewelry photography folding table

A few years ago I started shooting for microstock sites. My main
focus was vivid still life with white background photographs. This
is why I started looking around for a nice and cheap still life

After a quick search on the internet, I exluded the commercial
solution and turned my energy towards analyzing a variety of
homemade solutions. I am living in a small apartment, so one of the
key features of my table would have to be the ability to fold it and
remove it from my wive=B4s eyes in a very short time. I decided to
build my own home made-low cost-still life-folding table! This post
will illustrate my idea which tok about 1 hour of work to build and
cost less than 30$

What a great thing Dan! I have built a more permantent light box
that works great but which our cats love to jump into. I’ve told them
that I don’t approve and would prefer they stayed out of it, but they
don’t seem to seek my approval in all things. Even if you have the
space, your fold up and put away design would keep the cat hair out
of my pics. Thanks for posting the details of your invention!