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Hi Gang: I am getting ready to purchase a new jewelry
buffer/polisher; not a little hobbiest model but a medium size
1/2 hp+ and was wanting some experienced feedback as to what was
the best on the market for the price. I was also wanting to know
what company will give me the best buy in that make and model.
Please give makes and model numbers. There are so many on the
market and the prices vary sooooo much from the dealers and of
course they all say their’s is the best. Also there has been
soooo much chat about torches who sales water torches and how
much$$$$$$$$$… Sincerely Dana

get a Baldor motor probabily a 1/3 horse will do.Marty

Regarding buying a polishing set-up. The dust collecting portion
is perhaps the most critical. I have been very happy with an
under the counter 1/2 hp dust collector that I purchased from
Gesswein for about 800.00 it was made in Canada, don’t remember
the name. It has about 20 cloth bags rather than fiber- glass
filters, its good for 2 stations, we clean it once a week. Now
the polishing motor would be more useful if you get one with 2
speeds and 2 spindles, I think our motor is a 1/4 hp and was also
from Gesswien. Then all you need are a couple of hoods, drill a
couple holes in the counter top and run the hoses as short a
length as possible (sucks better). The hoses we also bought from
Gesswein, the are really heavy duty, canvas like. It also helps
to vent the dust collectors blower outside, this is all filtered
air but the more dust you eliminate the better.

Mark P.