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J Morley. I use a Handler unit with cloth bags and shaker. It
eliminates most dust, and runs trouble free, although it is a little
noisy. It might pay for itself over a number of years with a higher
rate of of gold polishing dust saved.

Anthony Toepfer


What company sells the Handler buffing unit you mentioned? A new
question now: I am setting 5 and 6 mm cabs in rings. Some lighter
stones aren’t entirely pleasing in color on their own, a pale
citrine, light green tourmaline, ect. What if anything do you use
under the stone to enhance the color without making it look unreal. I
put the pale green tourmaline on a deep blue piece of plastic which
made it look gorgeous but I wonder if it is being dishonest to
actually cut a piece and place it under the stone before I set it.
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I put a piece of silver mylar under transparent cabs when I set them
in Sterling-- this is not to enhance the color, but to make sure the
cab doesn’t go dark when the silver beneath it tarnishes. There is
nothing dishonest about putting colored plastic under your stones to
enhance their appearance, so long as you inform your customers of that

Lee Einer