Bud Burs/back

Guy, thanks for all the advise. Never thought about sterling, I
always thought brass would be cheaper. I’ve worked a little with
silver and noticed how soft it is, but I just want to work on bur
cutting so I son’t think it will matter. Do you know of a casting
house that offers findings and mountings to get me started. Again,
thanks for the info. Do you ever do any fishing up north? If you
do, I envy you ALOT!

I have some basic designs I could do for you in brass and/or
silver - let me know sizes and shapes you are interested in and
quantities desired and I’ll shoot you some prices and graphics

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Hi Greg! Sterling is good for practicing, is strengh is close to 18
carats gold. Maybe you can find a friend who would like to make
sterling casting for you at low price. One of my freind is buying
findings somewhere in Florida and I think they seel this kind of
findings. I will see him tomorrow and try to get this adress for
you. I think that almost all the suppliers can easily get sterling
4 prongs settings. About fishing, I have been there sometimes by
plane where no roads exist but I did no fishing, this mean noting
for me but a lot of people from States are coming. When you’re
living in, sometimes you don’t use it. As we say in french. The
lawn of our neighbour seem always greener than our. Sometimes I
would like to live in your warm country.

Good night
I try to find this adress

Vincent Guy Audette
Quebec, Canada

You could try Tripp’s Mfg. in Socorro, New Mexico, 1-800-545-7962.

Baltimore MD