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Buccellati pierce lace jewelry

The website has some gorgeous examples of pierced
lace-like jewelry. The High Jewelry and Traditional Techniques
sections include some stunning images, many of which can be enlarged
for closer inspection.

I had the pleasure of seeing many of the Buccellati masterpieces
when a collection from their private museum was exhibited at the
Honolulu Academy of Arts, back in the 90’s. The craftsmanship was
breathtaking and when I asked one of the Buccellati people how items
were made, he told me that many are the products of specialists
working as a team. For instance, there are engravers that specialize
in certain cuts. Many of the finer moire patterns are cut by women.
Most of the artisans work in their own shops and converge at
Buccellati to exchange pieces to the next artisan. Piercing is a
specialty, too. If a mistake is made, the piece is scrapped and a
new one is started.

Enjoy the website. It is beautiful.

Donna Shimazu