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Brownpolymer update

I have been asked if I will sell the polymer unlabeled. Yes I will
any person interested in reselling with there name can do so. Also
I’m looking for Sales rep and or wholesaler interested in stocking
and selling the polymer. the labeling go’s for that to. Pricing for
Wholesale contact me off list and I will send a price sheet. The only
thing I ask is to order sum quantity just because I have to order in
quantities to get a discount to be able to sell at lower prices. At
this time I have look at ramping up product from the kitchen to a
little bigger operation. Which means Buying in there min quantities
instead buy retail for my containers and boxes. The only Nice thing
is we can print whatever labels you need as we have a wide format
printer and counter cutter.

Also I looking for a avid skier to do testing. Please contact me off
list please on this and will give you the details also the polymer
works great for waterless car cleaner and wax.

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen Joes

I have finally found Lip balm style twist style push up dispenser
for My polymer. As the request of many from this group I have been
working on a formula to harden the grease more so than in the past.
Ageing it Helps also. We are getting closer to having a full time
plant making the polymer as the property has been found and financing
is being worked on. If you have any ideas of changes other than smell
I would like to here them as I have to design and put a project
planner together. In the other life of the polymer we have found a
excellent polish for Street rod and Motor bikes as Salt water or
acids have no effect. and Alum coated has stayed for 4 yrs with no
sign of corrosion. The container sizes we offer have been widely
used from the smallest to the biggest. Sales in over seas have been
running close to the USA which has been amazing. There has been found
30 completely different markets and use for the product found at this
time as testers from all over keep coming up with new ideas to use

With some further testing I think I have stumble on something
science have been looking for it’s ability of some materials to repel
and others compounds that have a strong attraction mine work both
ways for the good. Have talked with some scientists and They have
said the military has been looking for a product like this and NASA
too. But to get to these levels I need to land this building and
funding to make the dream come true The Name of the grease will
change, but not the polymer only to make it better with more advance
equipment to produce and bottle.

We have some engineers from ITALY that have been testing, and
everything I say it does it does but they are having trouble
explaining how. they need longer time and more research for long term
uses before they will give me my answers I need.

The new plant is going to be the new Green technology with energy
and environment safe. as for the uses of the product it does and will
save other resource that we need. Because of the not to need, of
reapplying the polymer. Over all material usage compared to other
products are a major savings to both the pocket and the environment.

We are setting up a system to send back the old container to be re
filled, to help stop the constant filling of the land fills and to
cut the cost of the polymer as the containers cost more that the

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen Joes


I am not one to sing the praises of many products, but I have to say
I was very pleasantly surprised in my use of the Brownpolymer stuff.
For example. I have a couple of large sheets of 1/8th in steel under
my soldering area, including my pickle. I was having a lot of
rusting (as you would expect near acid), so I sanded them down,
polished them and oiled them up. They still rusted. I refinished the
worst one, but used the Brownpolymer on it- I was surprised, very
little rust - it works! You find some great tricks on Orchid.

Marlin in sunny Colorado

all who wrote me asking if I would post all the uses found for the
polymer. For Machining, taping and Drilling lube for ferrous and
non-ferrous metals Anti tarnish prevention, Wood polish, Gun care,
Bullets lube and Bore Lube ( works great when old oil removed with
alcohol), Bullet casing resizing lube, Waterless car wash, Chrome
polish, Lube for safes and locks, Rust prevention, Pewter polish,
Window and drawer slide lube, Brass polish, Burr lube, Jeweler=B4s aid=
Water repellent, Anti Fouling, Buffing enhancer, Bearing lube, Soap
scum and hard water Repellent, Fishing reel lube, Mag wheel polish
and protective coating, General purpose Lube, Ski and snowboard wax,
Corrosion prevention airplane, Deicing aid on planes.

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen Joes

Sorry I misses this thread, where do you buy this ? I did a google
search, no luck.