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Brown diamonds


Can anyone suggest a source for brown diamonds. I have a client that
wants to use some in a ring. I’ll probably need about 6 pieces about
2.5 - 3.5 mm diameter. Thanks, Joel Schwalb @Joel_Schwalb


Hi Joel The other day I got something in the mail for .005 to .25 in
yellow, pink, etc etc (all fancy color mellee) from 212-730-7373 I never used them but they might have what you are
looking for. Haim WWW.Silbers.Com


Hello Joel, Check Ebay. I bought some “champagne” diamonds there a
while back. Price then was somewhat more than US$1.00/caret in a lot
of several stones. Judy in Kansas were we’ve had two lovely days of
rain to help the wheat crop.


Try, or One or both
has exactly what you ask.


hi’ is a good source for inexpensive aussie diamonds…
they have a good cognac color and range from red to black…