Brown diamonds

Can anyone suggest a source for brown diamonds. I have a client that
wants to use some in a ring. I’ll probably need about 6 pieces about
2.5 - 3.5 mm diameter. Thanks, Joel Schwalb @Joel_Schwalb

Hi Joel The other day I got something in the mail for .005 to .25 in
yellow, pink, etc etc (all fancy color mellee) from 212-730-7373 I never used them but they might have what you are
looking for. Haim WWW.Silbers.Com

Hello Joel, Check Ebay. I bought some “champagne” diamonds there a
while back. Price then was somewhat more than US$1.00/caret in a lot
of several stones. Judy in Kansas were we’ve had two lovely days of
rain to help the wheat crop.

Try, or
Diamonds, Gemstones & Custom Jewelry - Israel Diamonds | Official Site. One or both
has exactly what you ask.

hi’ is a good source for inexpensive aussie diamonds…
they have a good cognac color and range from red to black…