Brown chatoyant nephrite from B.C. Canada

I recently returned from a trip through the Inside Passage in Canada.
One of our ports of call was the town of Massett, on the northern tip
of Queen Charlotte Island, British Columbia. Near the dock was a
cobble beach which I searched for agates, etc. I found a palm-sized
stone, which looked a lot like the “vulcan jade” we find near Big Sur,
CA. The piece is a rich brown, with gold and bluish areas, and golden
chatoyance, sometimes in “stripes,” when turned in the light. It has
a pocket of what looks like parallel crystalline fibers of blue and
gold. It has the luster of river tumbled nephrite, and passes the
scratch test. I read in an old Lap. Journal that nephrite with blue
tigereye can be found somewhere in Alaska. Has anyone heard of brown
nephrite, tigereye, or similar materials occurring on the Queen
Charlottes or nearby mainland B.C.? I’ll include a photo (but don’t
know if the list accepts those). Thanks for any info, Marie DuBois

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