Bronze patina rub off?

Hello All…

I have a bronze peice I was going to use a green patina on…
Question- will the patina rub off on people’s clothes? I am weary of
bronze because it turns people skin black and I was hoping using a
green patina would erase the problem. Any suggestions?

Take care!

The copper greens are pretty soft – they should rub off if not
sealed in.


It will rub off and you don’t want it on your skin.

marilyn smith

 I have a bronze peice I was going to use a green patina on..
Question- will the patina rub off on people's clothes? 

I think the situation is not quite as clear-cut as the previous
responses indicate.

A decade or so ago, I did a series of etched brass bracelets. After
etching, but before removing the resist, I enclosed them in a
plastic container (a Star Wars lunchbox, actually…) along with a
container of ammonia. After about 24 hours or so, the exposed parts
turned beautiful blues and greens.I would then remove the resist
with laquer thinner and buff the bracelets to polish up the
un-etched, un-patinaed parts. Neither the laquer thinner nor the
buffing removed the patina at all. These bracelets held up just fine
over time and wear.

I concluded that a patina that took a long, slow time to “grow”, as
opposed to being the result of a quick application of chemical, was
much “hardier”. The “tooth” that results from an etched surface may
also have helped.

I hope this gives you something useful to work with!