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Broker for Tucson [Was: Quartzite]

Wow, Massachusetts to Quartzite now there is a trip!!!  Would it
not make sense for an person in Arizona to become a broker to
people who could not afford or want to spend the $$$ traveling to
Tucson or Quartzite (for a small markup to offset shipping, time
and risk)?  You could put your requests for specific items, that
person could pool the requests.  Buy in bulk (at cheaper prices)
and forward them out. <snip>

I will be in Tucson from 1/31 through 2/8… and have contacts
who will be at Quartzite. Since I’m driving out from California,
I can take packing materials and ship directly from AZ. If anyone
is interested in a “pooled” buying spree, I love to shop! No
markup for risk! A little for time plus costs for shipping.
References available upon request.

Just email me so we can discuss your needs and budget at

Now a full disclosure would be appropriate here: I do act as an
agent for wholesale rough for a garnet mine in Central East
Africa, and parcels of aquamarine, amethyst, and some tourmaline
nodules also. I know other mine source rough dealers and mineral
dealers as well. But that will only be to your advantage, not
against it!

I am currently offering faceted gemstones on my retail website
and would be pleased to offer members of Orchid a "pre-Tucson"
discount. If you are a dealer yourself, deeper discounts apply.

If I can be of assistance, let me know!

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