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I recently saw a commercial on late night TV that was interesting.
It was for “” with an offer to buy broken and unwanted
gold jewelry. According to the website, they send you a mailer and
you send your gold jewelry to them for purchase. One of their FAQs
caught my attention and I wonder what their definition of 100% gold

Q: I have a piece of gold but I’m not sure its authentic. Can I
still receive money for this?

A: has a team of expert staff on hand to determine
the value of gold and jewelry sent to us. If you send us an item and
it is not 100% gold, the value of the item will be computed as
gold-filled, which we will still pay for. We ask that you please do
not send us items that you are certain are not authentic.

Also, they buy estate jewelry: “If you have been willed jewelry by
lost loved ones and have no use for it, let buy it!
Whether its a necklace of pearls, a diamond bracelet, or a ring with
a rare gem, knows fine jewelry when we see it. We are
constantly searching out the top buyers of this jewelry and as such
can offer you, our customers, the absolute maximum amount of money
for your fine jewelry.”

Mary Bradt

Mmmmmm…anyone else see the red flags go up on this one ?

Brian Corll
Brian Corll, Inc.
1002 East Simpson Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

I love this line

it is not 100% gold, the value of the item will be computed as

So I can just see some unwitting idiot sending in a 22K bracelet and
being told, sorry it’s nor 100% gold, but we will pay you what a
piece of gold filled is worth, which unfortunately most people don’t
realize is not much


PS hey even a pinhead layer might come out with well 24K gold is only
99.99 (or is it 3 9’s) gold, so opps sorry it’s not 100% gold here
is 1$