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Broken mini drill press

I have a gig as an adjunct as New Mexico Highland University in Las Vegas, NM. Small school, only person teaching jewelry. Inherited a lot of equipment, some good, some so-so. One piece that fell into the former was this drill press. It is small, less than 1 ft tall and has no identifying marks save that the chuck is a Rolm. As you can see it is belt driven and therein lies my problem. Don’t know who the maker is so I am at a loss to contact them. Think I may be abler to go to a cobbler and have a leather belt stitched. Looking for thoughts and ideas

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Hi James,
Leather on a small d/press needs to be thin and flexible. But no stretchey.
all my drill presses that have f/b/drives are now fitted with terylene/nylon strapping, the same as thats used for seat belts. Joined with a domestic singer sewing machine. Its available in different widths, doesnt stretch, very flexible and doesnt harden like leather.
On one press Ive improved the belt grip by cutting a section out of a motor bike inner tube then rubber solutioned it to the cast iron wheels.
Never a slip between cup and lip its said.I overlap on a 1in wide strap 1in. plenty.
you could sew them together by hand, with some thick leather sewing thread and a strong needle.
Push it through with a pair of pliers!.
The 3rd small pulley? a belt tensioner? Nice press.

Hello James,
Ted may have provided the best info. However, I suggest checking out a vacuum cleaner repair shop. Another possible source could be a sewing machine supply or repair shop, but I think those belts tend to be round rather then flat.

Good hunting, or sewing as the case may be,
Judy in Kansas, where the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, therefore the wind chill is frigid. Stay warm.

Hi James,

This is a MicroLux or Proxxon press. You can find a new belt at Micro Mark.


I have a Proxxon which I have highly modified for doing light work. If you don’t push them too hard, they’ll do satisfactory work, but their made for very light hobby work, for example people who assemble model airplanes. You don’t have a professional quality miniature drill press there and I wouldn’t put too much money into it if you want something sturdy that students can abuse.

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a small drill press tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend: