British Columbia for Jewelers?

In reply to a recent question about the suitability of British
Columbia, Canada as a home for ex-patriot American jewelers–nice
place, many good reasons to live here but not easy to get started

There are many highly skilled and talented people in the trade
resulting from an influx of European goldsmiths in the 1950’s and
60’s and Asian goldsmiths and jewelers in the 1990’s. If you can
think of a way of selling your goods elsewhere, you might be very
happy here but selling to the local market will be very tough.

Most local customers who are knowledgeable and financially capable
have already established a relationship with someone who does all of
their custom work, repairs, appraisals, etc.

If you do decide to try anyways, you may want to choose a location
that would give you access to the tourists who like to visit; the
majority of whom are American, so you might have to learn how to
speak Canadian! Not too difficult to achieve; many have mastered the

Good Luck, eh!