Brisbane Jewelry Attractions

First I want to say a BIG thank you to this board. I started making
silver jewelry and objects close to 5 years ago. For me it’s a
beloved hobby which I am convinced keeps me sane. This board over the
years has posted such great and useful which has made my
"adventures in silversmithing" all the more fun. I thank you all very
much for sharing your knowledge, experience and for inspiring me.

OK so… I’m headed to Brisbane Australia for a while and was
wondering if anybody had any on what’s going on in the
silversmith/jewelry world there. I’m looking for on any
artists guilds or craft schools that may have classes, workshops or
studios which I could rent time in, as-well-as where I can purchase
tools, supplies, silver, acetylene tanks, etc. Also, would anybody
happen to know if the fittings on tanks are the same as in the US. I
have a Smith acetylene torch that takes a B size tank, but I don’t
know if the tanks are fitted the same. Any would be

Thank you,
Sandra Wolfe

HI Sandra, I am not located in Brisbane but 100 km. north at Noosa,
but can answer some of your questions.

I deal with Australian Jewellers Supplies, located at 2nd floor,
Pavillion Building, Cnr. Albert St. and Burnett Lane, Brisbane, this
is just of The Mall and has a full range of metals and tools.
Their phone no. is (07)32294955.

With regard to your gas tanks, I think that the connections would be
different to the standard ones here, but I am sure that there would
be an adapter available and if there is then Australian Jewellers
Supplies would most likely carry it. You should enquire from them.
Hope this helps.

Regards Eric @efgriff

Hi Sandra,

I live about 45 minutes away from Brisbane, and even though im new
to this area (just moved from Sydney 9 months ago), i try to give you
the addresses i can find in my little magazine we have around here.

You can get the magazine when you get here, its called Metal, Stone
and Glass. It has a lot of ads on workshops, suppliers, projects.

Any newsagent will have it, but it only comes out every 3 months, so
might have to wait for it.

Anyhow, here is a few places that i know about,

Anna-Margot Originals
92 Arthur Terrace, Red Hill
Ph 3367 3266

A very small place, with lots of things in it. They supply tools,
castings, metals, books, just about everything. Also offer classes.

The Australian Jewelers supplies are in Brisbane as well. Very
expensive but stock everything. Cant find there address, its up in my
granny flat, next post i will send it to you.

Another place i always wanted to see, but havent got around to it
yet is The Beads and Crystals Gallery. They are in the

Mayfair Arcade,
126 Adelaide St,
Ph 3220 0882

Thats all i can find now, but when you get here, buy this magazine,
it has all the show dates as well.

I hope you have a nice trip, other than that, i wouldnt mind to
catch up if you come to the Gold Coast


Hi Sandra,

Here’s a little more to make Brisbane an easier place to settle
into. Have look at the Jewellers and Metalsmith’s Group of
Queensland. They are the Queensland chapter of the
National group.

For your tanks you could also talk to the people at BOC gasses, they
have a lot of the stuff you might need. I found them very helpful
when I set up for Glass Bead making.

I hope this’ll help. Brisbane is a friendly city I think, nice


Hi Monika and all other Brissie & Gold Coast people!

I had no idea you were all there, so close to where I live! I’m at
Tamborine Mountain, nicely in the middle for all of you! I work in
Art Clay Silver and teach that all over the place. I like to combine
that with Wirework and beads, it keeps me busy. I also use the
suppliers you mentioned Monica, I get the rest from the USA.

Nice to meet you all,

I live in Brisbane and have been involved in the
silversmithing/jewellery scene here for a little while now. I have
membership with Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Queensland as
well as Craft Qld - I believe these are the only “groups” you need
to belong to in Brisbane to stay abreast of what is happening, to
hear about workshops, competitions, exhibitions etc.

JMGQ occassionally runs workshops, but I’m not aware of any that are
coming up any time soon. Craft Qld is a gallery store and is
definately recommended for a visit. If you are looking for
somewhere to work I would suggest approaching Queensland College of
Art, Griffith University, which is located on the South Bank of
Brisbane - I know they participate in residencies for overseas
artists. I’m not sure what the premises are for accepting an artist
for a residency but, if you are completely self funded they may be
able to take you on - as with all Australian universities at the
moment there are huge restrictions on funding. I don’t know of any,
but, there may be a jeweller with a private workshop who could fit
you into their workspace for a fee - JMGQ would be the right group
to approach for this - they could do an email around for anyone who
might be able to help you out.

As mentioned by others Australian Jewellers’ Supplies are probably
the major jewellers supplies in Brisbane. Their prices do seem
high, but they sell high quality equipment, and I’ve always found in
the past that I have the most satisfaction with AJS. AJS is located
within the Brisbane City CBD and so is very convenient if you are
relying on public transport whilst you are over here. Another
supplier Seivers is located in the same street as AJS on the
opposite side of the road. They seem to cater to those on a budget
and tend to sell lower quality equipment in my experience. When I
was at Uni my lecturer also recommended a place called Anregis - I
haven’t been there since my first visit as a student - they didn’t
carry much… I’m not sure if they’re still open. There is also an
Australian supplier called House of Jewellery - I have never dealt
with them but a company I used to work for did. I have no idea
where they are based but there is a website you can check out.

As far as purchasing silver goes you can get it at AJS but at a huge
mark up. There is a Brisbane supplier that has changed its name
several times in the last few years … it used to be Johnson
Matthey but is something else now… I’ll see if I can find out
its current name. They seem to be a good supplier.

Here are some websites you might find helpful:

Hope this helps.
Tina D


I order all my metal from A & E metal in Sydney. They seem to be the
cheapest, and overnight delivery.

They have a website you can check them out .