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Brian Marshal's Jewelry Art School in Stockton, CA

Hi all,

At last year’s Tucson Orchid Dinner I was the lucky winner in the
silent auction for a workshop given by Brian Marshal at his
school/studio/shop in Stockton, CA. He has and does everything!

Last week I finally got to take the workshop on beginning engraving
with Brian. It was wonderful. Brian is a gifted engraver as well as
a metalsmith. He is a patient instructor and teaches each student
with their particular goal in mind. Everyone in my class had a
different purpose for learning engraving techniques. In addition,
Brian has an awesome young engraver named Alex, who demonstrated and
helped us with proper techniques.

I highly recommend to anyone out in Orchid land to take a workshop
with Brian. He teaches more than just engraving, that is just one
of his many specialties. You can reach Brian for at