Brian Marshall's Jewelry School

Hi everyone. I just got back from a week in Stockton California,
attending Brian Marshall’s Jewlery Arts School. I took a one week
hand engraving class, and I can recomend it highly! The atmosphere
was relaxed, and Brian was super to work with. The class was small,
and the instruction personalised. He offers both leading air powered
systems (GRS, Lindsey) and is very knowledgable about engraving
styles and techniques. His school also offers classes in many other
areas of metalsmithing and jewelry making, I intend to go back and
take a more advanced engraving class and maybe his tool making class
too. I had never heard of the Stockton Jewelry Arts School, I got the
link for it from an engraving site. It was one of the best things I
have done for my career in quite some time, so I thought I would pass
the word along to anyone else looking to better themselves at their
craft. I came home from my week at school energised about my work and
with my head buzzing trying to digest the amount of I had
tried to take in. Just had to share, thanks for listening. Marggi