Breaking up and shapping a water of ayr stone

Hi, I have the good fortune to have purchased a genuine Water of
Ayre stone. I would like to break it down into several pieces and
shape them for use. Can anyone give me instructions on how to do this’
thanx and keep shining, D

I use a jewelers saw and a hand file. They are fairly soft stones
and can be shaped quite easily with these tools.

Frank Goss

Hi Devora,

If I wanted to get several smaller pieces out of a larger piece of
stone, I’d cut the larger piece into smaller pieces with a lapidary
trim saw. That way you can get the maximum amount of useable
material. If you just break the larger piece with a hammer you can’t
be sure what size piees you’ll get.


You can saw this material with an ordinary blade. Having done this
it’s best to shape the ends by working it against the surfaces you
want to refine. Use plenty of water (actually I use spit as it makes
less mess.)

Hi. Wanted to thank all who replied and any future replies that I
haven’t yet seen. Much appreciated!

Thanx and keep shining,