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Brazil gem sources

Dear Orchidians, Thought I’d ask the font of that is
Orchid for a little advice regarding gemstone buying in Brazil. I am
off for a few weeks in March to visit friends and family in Brazil
for the first time in 30 years and woudl like to know if anyone out
there can recommend where to go to purchase Brazilian gems from the
source. I speak fluent Portuguese so communication is no problem but
where to go and whom to see isafter all these years. I would prefer
them already cut and am not looking to spend a huge amount of money,
around $1000US or so. Any ideas out there? Any help would be greatly
appreciated as my time will be very tight and most has to be spent
with family . Thanks so much. Please contact me directly at or on Orchid.

Mark Sanne
Aurea Jewels
16 McGuirk St.
East Hampton, NY 11937
631 324-1629

Dear Mark, Speaking Portuguese will not cut a good deal in gems in
Brazil…speaking American bucks will . American bucks to the tune
of one thousand dollars will not cut a deal. Gem deals in Brazil
operate in the realm of tens of thousands of dollars, at the very
least. The best place to cut a deal in Brazilian gems is in Tucson,
Az.Tucson is the happening place and all of the Brazilian dealers
realize this. Therefore, the best place in Brazil to do gem trading
is Tucson , Az.( This is not to say that going to Brazil is a waste
of time…Brazil is the fun capital of the world…you haven’t
lived until you have been there ! ) Ron @ Mills Gem, Los Osos, Ca.