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Brazil - Equivalent ring size

I am making a wedding band for my future daughter-in-law who is in
Brazil. She said that her ring size is 18. Does anyone know the
equivalent size in US? There appear to be several different
measuring systems.


There will likely be several variations on this theme, but can she
send you a ring that currently fits? Alternately send her a mandrel,
have her mark where the ring fits (top and bottom) and send it back.

Hope this helps a bit, Betsy
In Sunny (for today) DFW, TX

It will be better to get the Diameter of the Band. There many # 18
out there.

Kenneth Singh

Another possibility is to have her use a small plastic cable tie.
She can adjust it until it just fits over the knuckle, slip it off,
place it in an envelope and mail it to you. You can then place it on
your ring stick or mandrel to get the size no matter which standard
you are using. As a matter of fact, it is not really a good idea to
get a ring size from anyone else’s sizers, ring sticks, or
mandrels–there really isn’t an accurate across-the-board standard.
The cable ties I am referring to can be found at any electronics
parts house, such as Radio Shack.

Del Pearson

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Dear Alice

It is probably the french ring number. If so, just add 40 to the
ring size # (adding up to 58) and this figure will be the inner
circumference in millimetres. Ask your daughter-in-law to measure
the inner diameter and if that equals about 18 and a half
millimetres, the above assumption is correct.

Niels Lovschal