Brass tarnish

Does anyone have any ideas or techniques to hold tarnish off on
brass? I know its a given that Brass will tarnish but are there any
coatings aside from plating that will help.


I have successfully used Paste Wax to keep patina and to keep brass
from tarnishing on cuff bracelets. I use a very tiny amount applied
to the bracelet then I let dry and buff for shine using a cotton
buffing wheel and my buffer and found a wax that was not going to
cause skin trouble for my clients my archaeology training led me to
restorative waxes that can be used on anything without damage and
provide a non-buffed matte finish or a high shine with buffing.

Renaissance Wax [pdf file]

no affiliation just the best wax I have ever found.


Have you ever used Renaissance Wax on silver?

I have used renaissance wax on silver, gold, brass,bronze,wood,
gemstones (in artifacts),mammoth ivory, elephant ivory, tin, cast
iron, copper, bone, mineral samples, leather, papyrus parchment,
oilskin documents, and at times oil paintings as a dabbing cleaner
on a q tip.

:slight_smile: Teri

Urethane polymers and a variety of other transparent and durable
coating materials such as lacquer can be had in spray form in most
hobby shops and places that sell paint. These will largely shield
bronze and brass from oxidation. As with wax, these materials may
alter the reflective surfaces of the metal. There are enough types,
however, that you can probably find one that gives you the surface
you want. I use these materials on bronze sculpture with good effect
to stabilize a variety of patinas. I have used lacquer (clear nail
polish will work) to seal silver surfaces to protect the skin of
customers who wish to wear a piece of silver even though they know
themselves to be sensitive to the metal (if you do this, be sure and
tell the customer). I usually works but re coating is often necessary
after a time.

Gerald Vaughan