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Brass Solder

I usually try a new design or design idea in copper or brass first before I make it in silver or gold. I just use regular medium silver solder. One of my stores would like to show brass work. Before I do this I would like to see if there is any yellow brass solder on the market that works. I do have a lot of copper solder that I don’t really care for and I can’t get it to hold brass at all. I realize that this may also be a flux issue. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks…Rob

I forgot to mention that it is jewelers brass (85/15)…Rob

IMHO, the only “solder” that works (color-wise) for yellow brass is hammered pieces of 1/16" Lincoln Low-Fuming Bronze brazing rods, used with the black high-temp. flux. However, its melting point is very close to that of the jewelers brass, so some of the more delicate jobs may not work well. I have tried several lower-melting solders ostensibly for brass, but they either don’t flow well or do not have a good color. If someone else can come up with a suggestion for you, I’d love to hear! [ I still have some old Easy-Flo solder, which flows wonderfully, but still does not have a great brass color. I know that Easy-Flo is 24% cadmium and is generally off the market, but I only use about two or three 1-millimeter-square pieces of it per year]. Judy Bjorkman (

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Here you can find all types of solder for brass and, above all, cadmium free :

Mariano from Vicenza