Brass model railroad wheels

Colouring brass.

I used to be able to get brass model railroad wheels with a 'rusty’
effect. The finish was a matt powdery effect with a slightly red
coffee colour. Do you know how I can replicate this finish as they
are no longer available?

Colouring brass. a matt powdery effect with a slightly red coffee

Hi, two ways- ( although not too sure about the powdery bit, the
first one says semi matt,the second semi gloss)

  1. immerse in boiling solution of 1litre water and 25 gms of copper
    sulphate until colour looks right, then place in some hot water while
    you add .5 gm ammonium chloride to the original mixture. Re immerse
    in the mixture for 10 mins, remove and rinse in hot water. or…

  2. heat with your torch and apply mixture of 10gms ferric nitrate to
    1 litre of water. recipes courtesy of the " patinaters bible" The
    Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals" by Hughes and Rowe have
    fun, be careful, don’t breathe in any fumes,

Christine in S Aust

Hi Pete,

Have you tried They have some things that make
various materials look rusty.

Designs by Lisa Gallagher

Hey Pete,

Just a thought… try citadel paints, (a miniature paint) I like
chestnut ink for a rust color and spay a Matt finish on it. should do
the trick … Good luck

Happy profits