Brass for etching

I have frequently used brass shim stock that I purchased from my
local machine shop. They have their suppliers too and some of them
will share the info. The stuff I’ve used came in sheets 6"x96" all
rolled up like a spring that would just love to eat some thumb and
finger pie, so open it carefully. I bought it in .010", .012". and
.015" thicknesses. The .010 was very thin but worked well for small
earring dangles. Those shops may hve more info to share. Mike

Earlier I had suggested a local machine shop or metal supplier. I
just recently started doing some dealings with Indian Jewelers
supply. They have a branch in Albuquerque that’s only a half hour
drive from home for me. They do indeed have a good selection of
metals. I haven’t done a lot of price comparisons so I can’t speak
knowledgably there but I do know they are the best place I’ve found
in my area for purchasing copper sheet of differing thicknesses. I
enjoy playing lookie-loo around their store too. Kinda like a kid in
a candy store, ya know? Mike