Brass alloys and finishes

I have been incorporating brass in my pendants using scraps that I
have accumulated through the years the alloys aren’t known some age
gracefully others look pretty cruddy I am looking for an alloy and
reputable supplier that could give me a brass with a bright gold
color that ages well. I am also interested in ways to preserve the
new bright finish lacquers? waxes? any advice. Thanks Chris

brass is usually an alloy of copper and zinc.

This can vary from 5% to 50% zinc.

The colour then varies from a nice pinkish yellow to a muddy yellow.

the best is a deep drawing brass. 70/30, easy to use with a nice
golden yellow.

Make sure its made from new metals and is lead free.

Any non ferrous supplier will give you a data and spec sheet of the
metal on offer.

Usually in 2ft by 4ft sheets half hard.

After polishing, de grease well then use a lacquer.

Theres no permanent way to keep brass shiny.

Its a base metal afterall.